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Substance: Oxymetholone
Package: 10 mg / tab. (100 tab.)

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The active ingredient of the oxymetholone drug was developed in the 1960s with the aim of treating anemia and osteoporosis, for people suffering from abnormal anabolic processes in the cells. Scientific research has also revealed its activity in the treatment of HIV.
The high anabolic properties of such a drug in bodybuilding quickly found application, and it gained prevalence among powerlifters and bodybuilders, as well as in various types of athletics. Now it is not possible to buy 50mg / tab in the pharmacy of Oxymetholone, but the instructions only describe its use in medicine, so athletes must convey information on the methods of taking the drug "from mouth to mouth". Therefore, there are so many legends about the dangers of a steroid, with realities having little in common.

How to take Max-Drol

To begin with, perhaps it is worth that this steroid is more suitable for professional athletes who are well aware of their body and its reactions to various steroids. Beginners should start with weaker drugs.
The Oxymetholone course lasts, as a rule, 6 weeks, starts and ends smoothly. The average daily dose for men is 50-150 mg per day. Higher dosages do not increase the anabolic effect, but significantly increase the likelihood of unwanted side effects.
There are situations when the question of how to take Oxymetholone, arises and in front of women athletes. Since the drug is androgenic, its use by women is not recommended. But in exceptional situations, hypotheses up to 50 mg every other day are possible. At the first signs of virilization side effects, taking tablets should be stopped.

What is Max-Drol's value for?

Among oral drugs in sports pharmacology, the analogues of Oxymetholone, that is, the analogues of drugs with the active ingredient Oksimetolon, are almost non-existent, since the effectiveness of the training, which it allows to obtain, is really worth it. With Oxymetholone, you can get the following benefits: Muscle mass growth up to 3 kg per week; a noticeable increase in power characteristics; positive effect on the joints, reduction of discomfort in weightlifters, improvement of mobility; food is absorbed faster, protein synthesis is accelerated; it is easier to cope with fatigue; Helps burn fats, put them into energy; They improve cellular respiration and blood flow; Significantly increases appetite.

Reviews Max-Drol

The long history of the drug has more than a dozen or even hundreds of successful examples of its application to increase mass and increase strength. Our Forum is constantly updated with recent pharmacology reviews from real people describing their impressions of taking medications. Athletes note that mass gain with the use of this anabolic is quite easy, and serious pills, while observing the dosages and rules of the course, do not occur at all.
Reviews about Oxymetholone indicate that after the course the drug is in the blood for another 1-2 months, so the competition should be prepared well in advance.
Another useful effect, said by statements on the web, is that the athlete does not experience fatigue during training, and it is easy to take intensive lessons. In this case, overload is excluded, since the drug improves the body's recovery processes.
By reading the reviews on Oxymetholone, you can easily see the effectiveness of this anabolic. So, for those who doubt and do not dare to start the mass harvesting course on the basis of oxymetholone, it is necessary to look at our forum and learn everything for yourself, as well as ask questions of interest.


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