Stanoprime Injectable Stanozolol Buy Online


Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Substance: Injectable Stanozolol
Package: 50 mg / amp. (10 amp.)


Winstrol Depot is a water-soluble steroid, unlike most other steroids dissolved in oil. This explains some of its qualities. Since Winstrol Depot is on water, it dissolves much faster in the body, begins to act and is eliminated. Therefore, injections should be performed more often, every day or every day, from the calculation of 50 mg for two days.
For athletes who have decided to buy Winstrol Depot, to improve the effect it is advisable to combine its use with intensive caloric nutrition.
Winstrol is a Stanazolol-based anabolic steroid, which is available as a water-soluble powder for injection. Consequently, it has minimal androgenic activity, with a sufficiently high anabolic effect.
Since the Stanoprime 10 drug has minimal androgenic activity, it is one of the most preferred means of sports pharmacology in female bodybuilding.


Winstrol Depot has virtually no side effects inherent in other steroids. It is a weak androgen. It does not turn into female sex hormones and does not lead to gynecomastia. If you use injections then it is completely harmless to your liver.
With a strong excess of dosages, the injection of Stanozolol (Winstrol depot) can increase blood pressure, increases the cholesterol content in the blood.

How to take WINSTROL COURSE correctly?

Winstrol Depot is perfect for you in case you have good muscle mass, but want to strengthen relief and venous musculature.
The most preferred injection form is Winstrol Depot, which is presented to your attention on this page.
The course can last up to 6 – 8 weeks. Injections are made every day, 50 mg of active substance. Start with 10 mg, then gradually increase the dosage to the required level, after which it is gradually reduced.

Contraindications and side effects

Winstrol is considered to be a relatively safe drug, also recommended for women. With his admission, gynecomastia and swelling are very rare phenomena. However, a long reception can negatively affect the ligaments and joints, so competently calculate the duration of the course and physical activity.

Often, athletes who take Winstrol can increase blood pressure and raise cholesterol. As for the negative effects on the liver, it can be neutralized with hepatoprotectors. In general, Stanozolol side effects are rare and all sports doctor prescriptions can be avoided.

How to take

The Stanoprime course is ideal for athletes interested in increasing strength and endurance without gaining weight. The athlete, who has a moderate amount of fat and sufficient weight, can achieve significant results with stanozolol. The optimal dosage of injectable stanozolol is 20 milligrams per day. For boxers and athletes it will be enough and 10-20 milligrams. However, both the duration of the course and the dosage are best coordinated with the sports doctor. The average duration of taking Stanoprime by Alfa Pharma is approximately 6 weeks. You can spend a longer course, but then the risk of liver damage significantly increases.


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