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Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Somatropin
Package: 10 vials x 10 IU

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Soma-Max-10 HGH is a well-known brand of generic Somatropin, which is mainly recommended for the treatment of the special condition of growth hormone secretion deficiency and to manage growth hormone deficiency.

The 10 hgh somatropin injection is a recombinant growth hormone and acts exactly like a natural growth hormone, necessary for the growth and development of muscles and bones.

In addition to growth, Soma Max 10mg (Somatropin 10) is also used in the growth of adipose and muscle tissue in a specific way.

Details Prescription of Soma Max 10 HGH Injection (Somatropin 10)

Soma Max 10 HGH should be administered intramuscularly (IM) or subcutaneously (SC). The prescribed dose of Soma-Max-10 is strictly recommended based on a person's age, body weight and condition.

It is possible to administer the injection of Soma-Max-10 until the final and preferred height is reached. But don't get too much injection for maximum results.

Main therapeutic indications of the injection of Soma Max 10 HGH

Chronic renal failure
Turner syndrome (genetic disorders, affecting girls' growth)
Growth hormone deficiency
Noonan syndrome
Prader-Willi syndrome (poor muscle tone)
Contraindication of the injection of Soma-Max-10 HGH (Somatropin 10)
The injection of Soma Max 10 should not be administered in case of hypersensitivity to generic Somatropin, kidney or liver disorders, heart disorders, respiratory disorders, asthma and muscle disorders.

Drug interactions of the injection of Soma-Max-10 HGH (Somatropin 10)

Oral corticosteroids: dexamethasone and prednisone
Blood thinners – Warfarin, heparin, Coumadin and Clopidogrel
Adverse effects of the injection of Soma-Max-10 HGH (Somatropin 10)
The most common harmful symptoms of Soma Max HGH injection include mood swings, muscle aches, stomach upset, cramps, itching, irritation, redness and a feeling of inflammation at the application site.

Important safety instructions when using the Soma-Max-10 HGH injection

If you are allergic to generic Somatropin, you do not need to take Soma-Max-10.
Cigarette smoking and alcohol intake while taking Soma-Max-10 as they can deteriorate the adverse effects.
Always use sterile needles and avoid using bleached injection as it is completely contaminated as it is not safe for your health.
Breastfeeding and pregnant women should not use the injection of Somatropin 10 HGH.
Children under the age of 18 must not use the injection of Somatropin 10 HGH.


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