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Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Drostanolone Propionate
Package: 100mg / amp. (10 amp.)


Max-Pro cycles and doses (Masteron):

Max-Pro (Masteron) and Bodybuilding:

What is Drostanolone Propionate?

Max-Pro (Masteron) can also be used successfully by bodybuilders preparing for a drug test show. The substance Drostanolone Propionate is fast acting and rapidly degraded. The athlete can then use Max Pro (Masteron) up to about ten days before a doping test. The average dose of Max-Pro (Masteron) is 100 mg injected daily. It is preferable to inject Max-Pro (Masteron) every 2-3 days because it has a short duration of action. Most steroids stacked with Max Pro (Masteron) include Parabolan, Winstrol (stanozolol), and oxandrolone. The most common side effects that can occur with the use of Max-Pro (Masteron) include hair loss, aggression and acne.

Max-Pro (Masteron) works best for those with lower body fat who are looking to harden their muscles, so it's primarily used as a trimmer for a cutting cycle, before a competition, or before a photo shoot. It is a widespread belief that Max-Pro (Masteron) is primarily a cosmetic compound, so a person should have a beautiful physique before wasting their time expecting huge results from using it alone.

Since it is a modified version of DHT, it has a little more anabolic strength than testosterone. This happens due to the addition of the methyl group. Thanks to this Max-Pro (Masteron) is made more resistant to being metabolized by the 3-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme. This enzyme creates metabolites called 3-Alpha Androstanediol and 3-Beta Androstanediol, which are inactive in the body and do not serve anabolic purposes.

In comparison to other drugs, there are some positive features for Max-Pro (Masteron). It is one of the best steroids for maintaining blood pressure levels in the body. Usually with the ingestion of drugs that create water retention in the body they also lead to high blood pressure. Max Pro (Masteron) alone is safe in this respect.

Side effects

Steroid Class: Drostanolone is a DHT derivative, belonging to the DHT family of steroids.

Max-Pro (Masteron) – Preparatory cycles and doses:

That will not work. Anyone, for the most part, home maker heats all ingredients together (BA / BB / Oil / Powders) to facilitate the mixing process. This also applies to the 250 degree (F) mark, with no evaporation of the BA.

Although the main side effects of Max-Pro (Masteron) revolve around the genetic response, this hormone can potentially be very damaging to cholesterol more than many injectable steroids. However, it shouldn't have as strong an effect as most oral steroids. Max Pro (Masteron) can significantly increase LDL (bad cholesterol) cholesterol and significantly reduce HDL (good cholesterol) cholesterol. If you suffer from high cholesterol you should not supplement with Max-Pro (Masteron). If you are healthy enough to use, you should do everything possible to promote the continuation of healthy levels. This means incorporating lots of cardiovascular training into your routine, limiting saturated fats and simple sugars, as well as consuming lots of omega fatty acids. Daily supplementation of fish oil is highly recommended as it is an antioxidant supplement for cholesterol.


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