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Manufacturer: Lasitan
Substance: Furosemide
Package: 40 mg / tab. (15 tab.)

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Indications for LASIX:



Initially 20-80 mg per day. It can repeat or increase after 6-8 hours; max 600mg / day. Maintenance: optimal intermittent dosing.


Initially 2 mg / kg. Increase if necessary by 1-2 mg / kg after 6-8 hours; max 6 mg / kg per day. Maintenance: minimum effective dose.



Warnings / Precautions:

Cirrhosis of the liver: do not start during hepatic coma or electrolyte depletion. Discontinue if the increase in azotemia and oliguria occur during the treatment of severe progressive kidney disease. Renal or hepatic insufficiency. Diabetes. Gout. SLE. Sulfonamide sensitivity Bladder emptying disorders. Prostatic hyperplasia Urethral narrowing. Hypoproteinemia. Monitor BP, electrolytes, fluids, blood, BUN. Potassium supplementation may be needed. Premature infants and children <4 years: risk of nephrocalcinosis / nephrolithiasis; monitor renal function. Senior citizens. Pregnancy (Cat. C). Breastfeeding mothers.

See also:

Furosemide oral solution

Pharmacological class:

Diuretic (loop).


Concomitant chlorate hydrate: not recommended. The concomitant acetylsalicylic acid can reduce creatinine clearance. Toxicity of digitalis, lithium, salicylate. Alcohol, CNS depressants can increase orthostatic hypotension. Severe hypotension and deterioration / failure of renal function with ACEI or ARB; the dose may need to be interrupted or reduced. Antagonized by indomethacin, phenytoin. Hypokalemia with corticosteroids, ACTH, large quantities of licorice, prolonged laxatives. Increased risk of cephalosporin-induced nephrotoxicity and radiocontrast nephropathy. Increased risk of gouty arthritis and impaired renal urate excretion with cyclosporine. Antagonizes tubocurarine and norepinephrine. Potentiates antihypertensive drugs, succinylcholine, ganglionic or peripheral adrenergic blockers. Ototoxicity with aminoglycosides, ethacrynic acid. Ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity with cisplatin (administer lower doses of furosemide with a positive water balance). Separate sucralfate dosage of at least two hours. Antagonized by, and potentiated, methotrexate and others who undergo renal tubular secretion. High doses (> 80 mg) can affect thyroid hormone levels. Increases in BUN, serum creatinine, serum potassium levels and weight gain can develop with NSAIDs.

Adverse reactions:

Excessive diuresis, fluid or electrolyte imbalance, gastrointestinal disturbances, dizziness, paraesthesia, orthostatic hypotension, hyperglycemia, jaundice, hyperuricaemia, hypersensitivity reactions, skin rash, photosensitivity, tinnitus, hearing loss, blood dyscrasia, persistence of pathological ductus arteriosus in premature babies.

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