Cypoprime Testosterone Cypionate Buy Online


Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
Package: 250mg / amp. (10 amp.)


Cypoprime (testosterone cypionate) is an injectable steroid with strong anabolic and androgenic action. It is extremely effective for the mass of recruiting courses and for soloists, for the purposes of which they are used by amateurs and sports professionals: in martial arts, weightlifting, bodybuilding and almost all other types of sports that involve high physical loads.
As a testosterone drug, Cypoprime has pronounced anabolic (100%) and androgenic (100%) properties. It has an extended action after application – up to 15-16 days (half-life – 6-8 days), which eliminates the need to constantly perform injections, as in the case of short propionate or phenylpropionate esters.

The positive effects of use

• a significant increase in the volume of muscle mass;
• increase in such indicators as endurance and strength;
• improvement of the nitrogen and phosphorus balance;
The use of testosterone cypionate is also accompanied by a positive effect on the athlete's joints (which is important for athletes) due to the accumulation of fluids in the body.

How to take

The Cypoprime course is recommended for athletes to increase muscle mass and strength. In this case, the length of hospitalization varies widely from 4 to 12 weeks and is determined in each case individually, depending on the athlete's experience, his physiological characteristics and the final admission goals. The average weekly dose is around 250-500 milligrams. The drug is effective only, but can be used in combination (most often with nandrolone). If the duration of the course exceeds a month, gonadotropin is added to the dose of 500 IU, injections once a week, starting from the third week of the course.


Numerous reviews agree that testosterone cypionate is suitable for gaining mass and increasing strength of athletes. It is not the first year that the drug has not lost its popularity, and the statements about it left by users at our Forum are the best confirmation of this. Note that the drug contributes to the general improvement of the body, accelerates regeneration and recovery after training, gives a burst of vitality.
Cypoprime reviews say that when taking recommended dosages, side effects hardly occur, the main thing is not to forget to use anti-estrogen drugs to block aromatization.
If you doubt that you should take the drug, then the opinions of those who have already bought will help determine the choice and make a thoughtful decision. If you already have experience in taking testosterone cypionate, we will be happy to hear your impressions of the drug. Your feedback on pharmacology in general will be indispensable for those who have not yet taken this testosterone ester.


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